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mixer model

Question asked by SUBHASH on Jan 15, 2004
i want some clarification regarding mixer models in spectrasys.
1. first regarding normal mixer model. i have given 3696 Mhz to LO port &1151 mhz to  IF port.(LO=10 dbm,if=-10dbm).in the RF out it is not showing one spurious 5090 Mhz even though i observed this component practically in the lab set up(this component is 2*LO -2*IF).with the same inputs  when i tried on hittited mixer spurious calculator it is showing this component. so what is problem with this model?
2.regarding table mixer model IF table & LO table are questation is can we use this model for upconversion. when i tried to use this model for up conversion  only lo harmonics i have obseved in the o/p(rf).

any suggestions are welcome