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Manipulation of a measurement part 2

Question asked by nginzb on Jan 14, 2004
In the attached simulation , I have performed some measurements on a model of a 1 meter coax . There are two model , each with different basic element length ( 1/30 meter , 1/100 meter ).
My purpose was to create a continues phase function .
I took the ang measurement , and with a loop algorithm copied it's content to a new vector variable .The algorithm , checks for singular points , and when finds one add an additional 360 deg to the value copied .
At the end of the loop , the vector contains a continues phase function .
The only thing left is to plot the content of the vector "cont_p" Vs freq .
I have no idea how to perform this task .
I prefer changing the content of the ang measurement directly , but I can't seem to find the way to do it .
I think that a function like "getvalue" or "getvalueat" , should have sister functions like "setvalue" and "setvalueat".
I would appreciate any help or ideas on the subjects .

[file]genesys simulation.wsp[/file]