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Creating a Cascaded P1dB Measurement

Question asked by rulonv Employee on Nov 5, 2004
A cascaded 1 dB compression point measurement can be easily created for Spectrasys by using post processed equations.

The Stage Dynamic Range measurement is nothing more than the difference between the Stage Output 1 dB Compression point (SOP1DB) and the Total Node Power (TNP).  The Stage Dynamic Range is the same thing as a headroom measurement.  In order to find the cascaded 1 dB compression point we need to find the minimum headroom and simply add it to the total node power.

The following can be used in the equation block to create the "Cascaded Output 1 dB Compression Point" measurement.  (This assumes the System Analysis is named "System1" and the path name is "Path1_2")

NOTE: The following syntax only works in version 2004.07 and earlier. For versions 2006 and later see the shipping examples 'Input P1dB vs Freq.wsx' and 'System Input P1dB.wsx' in the 'SPECTRASYS\Receivers' example directory.

USING System1.Path1_2
CascadedOP1DB = .DBM[TNP] + SDRMin

The Measurement Wizard in Genesys can then be used to display equations in a graph or table.

The attached workspace illustrates this technique.

<P>[file]cascaded p1db.wsp[/file]