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How to update codes on a Genesys server license

Question asked by splatt on Oct 27, 2004
This post is referenced in the outgoing message sent by
Eagleware-Elanix Corporation when delivering new authorization codes for software.

The process of updating GENESYS network license codes consists of two parts:
1) Downloading or manually entering the codes
2) Resarting the Eagleware License Manager (AKA FlexLM).

*If you have a parent/child network license and do not have internet
access, contact eagleware for special instructions. If you do have
internet access continue to STEP 1.

Note:  In a network setup, server operations must be done while
physically working at the server itself.  Remote logging to the server
is not the same and will result in difficulties.

To update authorization codes:

STEP 1: To enter the new codes, click "Start", "Programs",
"Eagleware", "Update License". This will bring up an authorization
wizard with two choices:
1) "This computer has internet access. Download codes from the web when I click Next."
2) "This computer does not have internet access. I will type in codes on the next page."
Select the appropriate one and click next. If the server does not have
internet access then manually enter the codes and press finish.

STEP 2: Restart the Eagleware License Manager. The easiest way to
restart the license manager is to restart the computer, however, it is
sometimes inconvenient to restart the server.  Alternately, you can go to
control panel and click "administrative tools". Next, click "services". Scroll
down the list of services and find the "Eagleware License Manager".
Right-click on the license manager and choose "stop".  Then right-click
again and choose "start".