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several opamps lib files couldn't be used by genesys

Question asked by mlabro on Jan 8, 2004
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2004 by mlabro
In the past I mentioned that several opamps models provided in lib files (linear technology...) cannot be used in genesys for simulating active filters and other topologies.
These opamps are very common ones and apparently genesys is not able to translate the spice model into the genesys model. I have opened the lib file which is quite short and it contains a "poly" definition which is perhaps the line which creates problem.

I need to use spice demo version for simulating my active filters and I'd prefer to use genesys of course.

I am aware that spice model translation is not always easy but opamps lib files are almost the same structure with the poly definition...

So, I'd like to know if the opamp conversion is now possible and if not, when eagleware intends to make this enhancement.