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SFILTER improvements

Question asked by mlabro on Dec 18, 2003
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2003 by JERRY_MARKETOS
Is it possible to improve following features in SFILTER (already asked several times to support. Some features received a #number) :

- including sf$ file in wsp as for filter. The management of sf$ files is quite boring. wsp file contains only results but sf$ contains all the tricks used to get the result. We use a database for all our documents which makes two entries in this for wsp and sf$.

- adding input and output impedance in shape wizard. I am working in 75R. I choose a bandpass chebyshev filter, sfilter takes a while to compute and display. I need to change tab to say it is a 75R instead of 50R.

- disable computation while entering new parameters. When the result is not good (narrow bandwidth, return loss,..), even with transforms... we need to modifiy several parameters at once for next computation.
It is boring to wait for sfilter computation between each parameter. Moreover, some big modifications (flow2>fsup1 before entering fsup2>fsup1>flow2 for a new bandpass offset to the right) can cause problems.

- suggest as an option to load a new filter at start of sfilter. When I need to compute a simple lowpass, I am bored to wait for computation, transforms,... of the previous bandpass.

- check that history and memory is really cleaned, released when you begin a new filter. I often see garbage lines remaining in the history coming from a previous simulation. This creates crash after some new transforms.

- Can somebody tell me if he sometimes experiment crash in sfilter. I don't have it for oher modules. I think it is a problem of memory, history,... I have re-installed several times, tried on Win 98,2000 and NT4.
I have changed the pc. This can be reproduced easily by toggling several times between example "equal inductors", new filter, load example, make transforms,...