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I get a Cannot find data file message for new parts

Question asked by MZachmann on Apr 16, 2004
GENESYS 2004.03 comes with a bunch of manufacturer's part libraries. Most of these part libraries use SData files that we ship with GENESYS. However, to save your hard disk (and reduce installation time substantially) these SData files are compressed into larger groups.

This message could mean that you need to decompress the SData you are trying to use. To do that navigate to the appropriate SData directory (such as C:\\Program Files\\GENESYS2004.03\\SData\\Fujitsu) and then double-click/run the .EXE program in that directory (in this example that's Fujitsu.exe). When you run the .EXE it will put all of the manufacturer SData files into the directory and you can then use parts from that manufacturer part library.

Mark Zachmann