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EM real3D ? EM and Modelithics ?

Question asked by mlabro on Dec 12, 2003
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2003 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
I am interested to purchase EM soon.
I have two questions.

1. I have heard that it is not a real 3D and that Eagleware is working on a new simulator.
For several years I read on the forum that EM solves all problems compared to genesys simulator.
I am not familiar with EM simulation.
So, could you please explain the differences between actual EM and future 3D ? For usual filters computed with MFILTER, please explain what is missing in actual simulations I could see with a real 3D ?

2. Does EM use Modelithics libraries ? I mean : do we see a difference in EM simulation if, in a filter using 1008cs Coilcraft inductors, we use 1008cs coilcraft inductors Modelithics library instead of usual models and S-parameters published on Coilcraft web site ?