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Newcomer Bend Problem in Stripline

Question asked by MUGU57 on Oct 10, 2004
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2004 by JERRY_MARKETOS
Hello I am actually testing the Demo Version of GENESYS and I am very pleased with the user interfqace in general. I have the following question. I have problems and error messages of the following contents:
Paramter Width< Optional, uses adjacent line width> is missing in part"Sch1.BN1"
Paramter "W2 (Wide width on symbol) <Optional" is missing in part Sch1.STP1
Unable to fill in paramters for discontinuity at node 6
Unable to fill in paramters for discontinuity at node 6
Two Discos found at node 6
Two Discos found at node 8

I thought I have swicthed off Discos and added my bends and steps my self

I have only a mall schematic defined in order to test the error message. From input 1 a stripline with FR4 material 1,5mm hight and substrate hight 3mm
SL1 1 to 3
STP1 SSP 3 to 6
BN1 SBN 6 to 8
BN2 SBN 8 to 5
SL1 5 to 7
SL1 4 to 2
output 2

All has a substrate definition of FR4 1,5mm hight. Then I have defined the substrate hight in each model part to twice the hight so 3mm which I think is correct fro stripline (triplate)

The reason for this circuit is taht I always in my circuits have problems if I introduce bends (which I  need to define a wilkinson divider in reality) or steps and try to optimze line width. Therfore I have left the line width open at teh bends as I think this will be handles by the software taking the number from the interfaceing stripline.
It always looks like that the bend and steps donot get the right width.

The second question is how should I handle Discos if I wnat to introduce my own bends and steps decision . I have uncecked the two fals "Automatically add Discos and Absorb DisCois preserving cicuit response .
Is this uncorrect?

Thnaks for your assistance, Kind regards Michael