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Keysight B2901A Precision Source/Measure Unit - Acquisition Delay

Question asked by esrg on Apr 15, 2016

I'm working with the Keysight B2901A Precision Source/Measure Unit and I've been trying to set an acquisition delay, but I couldn't achieve the expected results.

Well, I used a Matlab script to send commands to the B2901A unit. This sequence of commands was implemented intending to output a certain voltage through the Channel 1 when I started the script, and posteriorly (after a defined period) start the acquisition, maintaining the output enabled. The command used for setting the acquisition delay it was "fprintf(obj1, ':trig:acq:del 2');", however it did not performed the desired action.

I sent the script attached to this thread.

Basically, I'd appreciate if anyone would help me set the acquisiton delay in this device.

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