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schematics to model

Question asked by nginzb on Apr 9, 2003
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2003 by nvo_001
Does anyone knows if a user model can be defined in mil's and not in mm ?
While trying to transfer a schmatic to a user model , I had to manually change the length values from mils to mm , because if wasn't possible to change the unit in the user model schematic to mils .
To be more exact , in the global definitions ( i.e tools>options menu) the units are mils , but a microstip that was present in the schem , was in mm and could not be changed to mils.

On top of that , when completing the units translation , and viewing the behavior of a schem implanted with the model vs the original schem , the results were not the same !!!!

Are there any more limitations on a user model ?
Is it possible to use in a user model elements that are themself defined in a diffirent user model ?