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2004.03 errors opening old workspace SPIND TLRLDC more

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jun 7, 2004
Using Genesys 2004.03 if you obtain a long list of errors when opening
workspace files that were fine in a prior version,  there's a good chance
that the file contains one of these models:
TLRLDC (from Tline.mod)
This arose because there is a problem with the mod file for those
models in version 2004.03.  Fortunately, the fix is very easy.

1) Find your usermodels.mod file under
C:\\Program Files\\Genesys2004.03\\Bin

2) Open the file using notepad (it's just text)
[It's perfectly ok if your existing usermodels.mod file is blank]

3) Paste the contents of the attached file into your existing
usermodels.mod file.  Paste the contents under any existing text.

4) Save your existing usermodels.mod and close.  You should
now be all set.

[Please ignore the warning below about the mod file being disabled.  It will work fine.]