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How To Install Aladdin HASP 4.99 Drivers

Question asked by genesys_support on Mar 13, 2009
This is the command prompt utility so it will need to be downloaded, unzipped and a command prompt window will need to used. Make sure the folder hasp_cmdline_4.99 is listed using the dir command.

To install drivers for Eagleware dongle (dark purple key with a 4-5 digit serial number)

*Please Note: The "CODE: SELECT ALL" is a feature to "Select All" simply to assist in copying text. This text can be omitted from the command prompts.

From the command prompt window:

hinstall -info
to see what version of the driver is installed

hinstall -r
to remove all drivers

hinstall -i
to install 4.99 HL drivers

Once drivers have been installed, the top screen and bottom screen should match in versions using the hinstall -info command.

Now checking the "Show My Current License Status..." window should report Driver Version: 4.99.