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how to make and use a custom schematic symbol (ver. 2004.07)

Question asked by zbrann on Jun 16, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2009 by NWHITE
Creating a custom schematic symbol allows you to change the look of a part model.

-With Genesys running, click the "New Item" button (located above the file tree), move the cursor to "Designs" and select the option "Add Schematic Symbol"

-You should be prompted for a name, and then asked if you wish to save the workspace to the location "My Models."  Choose "Yes."  You will be prompted to name the file and then "Save".

-It will then prompt you to choose an existing symbol to start from.  Its not very important which one you choose because odds are you will want to start from scratch to create your own symbol.

-Selecting a symbol should open up a window that resembles a schematic.  This is where you will do your drawing. Delete whatever parts of the old symbol you do not want to keep.  You also have the option to change the allocation of space to your new symbol, by double clicking on the symbol schematic.  You will probably want to perform your drawing/editing with options listed under "Place Annotation (text, polygon, circle, arc)," this button is located on the Genesys toolbar 4 positions to right of where a schematic ground is found.
[To finish a polygon re-click the last point clicked]

-Lastly you need to place your symbol's electrical connection ports.  These are placed using standard IN/OUT ports, which in this context are synonymous as they only represent electrical connection points and do not represent any direction of energy transfer.  Also, there must be precisely the number of ports on the symbol corresponding to the number of RF input/output ports + 1 ground port (if GND is applicable). 

-You should also make note of the port numbers (it might be useful to add text annotations with the port number next to the appropriate port(s) because the numbers you see automatically written next to the ports on the symbol will not appear when the symbol is called for).  The port numbers are the only way you have to discern which ports on the new symbol correspond to which ports on the model you intend to use.

-Finally make sure to save your work.

Now to assign your new symbol to a part:
Place your(any) part on a schematic.  Double click on the part to access its properties.  Choose the "Symbol" option to the right.  Locate your file name in the top drop down list, and choose the appropriate symbol from the bottom list.  Push "Ok" and now your part should have the new symbol representing it.