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Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Apr 15, 2005
This post is referenced in the outgoing message sent by
Eagleware-Elanix Corporation when delivering new authorization codes for software.


Following is a brief summary of software version history and information for how to install authorization codes....
(assuming was purchased as standalone)

Within each major version, there may have been several minor versions.
In the list below, only the latest iteration is listed for a given major version.

(Software prior to v6.x was omitted by choice)
6.5B  (through approx. April 2000)
7.52  (through approx. July 2001)
8.11B  (through approx. Sept 2002)
2002.09  (version nomenclature was changed to year.month of release)
2003.03 SP3
(later versions TBA, this post may not have been updated)

The latest version of software that can be run is determined by account status of the (hardware) key being used.
Status for a given hardware key can be accessed online by establishing a user account at the Eagleware-Elanix website.
(visit and click the link for MY ACCOUNT).  Once a user account is established, you should be able
to view information for all the (hardware) keys registered at the same company location where you are (not just the keys
registered to yourself).

If you discover that the key you're using isn't up to date on the latest version of Genesys software available, this can be
remedied in most cases by updating the key's maintenance status.  Please provide the serial number of the key
in question to Eagleware to obtain further details.  (Serial number is typically 4 or 5 digits on a white label on the key).
(In the case of Genesys Personal product that does not use hardware key, an identification number is still used
which comprises the first four or five digits of the ticket number for the given account).

Some key points about version history:
1)  User interface was given a major overhaul from v6.5B to v7.x  V7.x greatly increased degree of integration and ease of use.
Versions since 7.X have maintained the same general interface and have continued to add features and refinement.
2)  Technical support for version 6.x was discontinued as of Dec 31, 2004.
3)  Genesys software gained the ability to use the internet to automatically load authorization codes in the version 8.x series
(starting with v8.01C)
4) The installation file for Genesys software of all series listed above is made available to registered users with legitimate
access to the various hardware key serial numbers.  Installation file can be downloaded and burned to CD for future use, etc.
Installation files can be large in size, so high speed internet access is generally recommended.  Installation file is accessed by
visiting, then clicking link for MY ACCOUNT, then clicking link at right side of line entry for each (hardware)
key serial number.
5) Technical support is given for the latest version in a given series.  For example:  If technical support is sought for version
7.01 or 8.02, first recommendation will be to obtain & install the latest version in the given series and proceed from there.

To enter authorization codes in the various versions (assuming installation to default directory location)...

v6.5B  Run "ADDCODES"  (Start, Programs, Eagleware, Addcodes)
v7.52  Run "ADDCODES"  (Start, Programs, Genesys, Addcodes)
v8.11B  (Has automated ability to get codes)  Doubleclick the Genesys icon as if running the program.
Codes entry sequence will come up, choice will be given to download via internet.  Choosing "no" will
lead to a screen where manual entry can be done.)
v2002.09  same as v8.11B
v2003.03 SP3  Similar to v8.11B, v2002.09 but slightly different sequence of choices.
Choose "purchased software, then choose "hardware key".  Then presented with choice "does PC have internet access" ?
Choosing YES invokes automatic downloading.  Choosing NO presents screen for manual entry of codes.