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Saving workspace problems after long simulations

Question asked by mfaric on Jun 15, 2005
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2005 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
If an overnight or multiple-day long simulation is run on a .wsp file that is on a network folder, sometimes the workspace cannot be saved when it is finished no matter what you do.  It is understandable that the network connection might be broken and re-established before the simulation is finished, but even when the "Save As" command is used to try to save to the local hard disk, the error is the same.  It does create the .wsp file on the local disk but it must be almost empty because it will be only a few KB in size when it should be hundreds of KB or a few MB even.  This is disappointing to have happen after a long wait for the simulation to complete.
What's up with this?
Genesys Build 2004,07,01