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Tips for leaded component footprints

Question asked by pkarasev on Jun 14, 2005
"Tuning a part doesn't give me changes in the EM1 graph!?"

Make aware of the "listing file" for EM. Right click on EM1, click 'show listing file'. This will bring up an ASCII showing of how EMPOWER has interpreted your layout's EMPOWER box. The listing file should show characters for the parts in your layout; see the manual for which symbols correspond to what part.

One possibility: it doesn't see the part because your footprint for the exists in "all layers" when it needs to be in top metal only, and the pad cannot be on top of the via hole. ie having a via hole AND an all-layer pad in the same spot makes the simulation not recognize the part correctly.

What you need to do to fix the footprints: at the top of Genesys, click on tools. Go to footprint editor. Move the pad off of the center of the via hole, then add another pad that overlaps the first pad and via hole. Double click the ports. Change them to Top Layer only.

You will need to rerun the EMPOWER though to get it to recognize the changes in the metals of the layout; after this though, you should see some changes. You may need to fix the footprints of your other parts.

In general, it's somewhat more challenging to properly setup footprints using leaded components versus components in one layer.