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Noise Parameters

Question asked by MARKGOODBERLET on May 13, 2005
Latest reply on May 17, 2005 by rrobbi
The noise characteristics of active devices are often specified with the four "spot" parameters: F(min),G0,B0,RN.  I have read how GENESYS uses the "noise correlation matrix" approach for noise modeling.

My question: "Is their a direction implied for GENESYS noise analysis?"

For example, suppose I build an microwave amplifier around a FET.  It is straightforward to use GENESYS and spot noise data from the FET manufacturer to calculate "forward" Noise Figure(NF) for the amplifier.  -by "forward" I mean from input-to-output.

Would it make sense to use GENESYS to calculate the "backward" noise figure for the amplier (ie. from output to input)?