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Hardware key command line commandline driver

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on May 10, 2005
NOTE: A newer, easier to install version of this hardware key driver has been released. Here is the post with instructions on how to get it:

Hardware key command line commandline driver

This isn't usually necessary.  Most often, this driver is used because someone on the
Eagleware / Elanix staff recommended it, and most often the situation that brought about
the need to use this driver was the following:  (but there can also be other reasons...)

(one possible scenario)
During an installation, someone inserted a USB style hardware key into a PC running
Windows XP.  Windows XP recognized the device and asked the user if they wanted to
load the drivers for it.  The correct answer is NO !, however the user didn't know this and
answered "yes".  Windows XP then loaded its own generic driver, which doesn't work, and
now the Genesys or SystemVue software is saying it doesn't see a hardware key.

The bottom line is that you're receiving indication that your Genesys or SystemVue software
doesn't see a hardware key, and you've been in contact with EW/E tech support and recommended
to use this driver.

Here's what to do:

Visit the Aladdin website and get the driver from the link below
save it on the hard drive of your computer.  (you want

1) Read all steps below, before doing them !
2) Obtain the driver.
3) Unzip the files to some chosen location on the hard drive of the PC.

*NOTE* sometimes the unzip program has a problem when the directory path contains a "space"
(ie \\Program Files\\ contains a space between the two words)
try unzipping to a directory without a space.*

4) Click "Start", then "Run", and browse to the location of the unzipped folder and
select the file hinstall.exe
5) Manually cursor to the end of the pathname, just after the filename hinstall.exe and
add a space, then a dash, then the letter "i" so it reads  xxxxx\\hinstall.exe -i

(The -i switch is a "force" command that forces the driver to install over an existing one)

6) Click OK or press "enter" and wait patiently - it may take several seconds (or more) to complete.
You should receive an "installation successful" message.