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Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Apr 15, 2005
This post is referenced in the outgoing message sent by
Eagleware-Elanix Corporation when delivering new authorization codes for software.


Please note !  For standalone and network licenses, it is the hardware key that represents
posession and value of the software (not the installation CD).  The hardware key should be
treated with care so it doesn't become lost.

When communicating about hardware keys, the key is identified by a four or five digit numeric serial number
that appears on a white label affixed to the hardware key.  Please have this number handy in the event
that you need to contact Eagleware-Elanix.

To provide partial protection for lost or stolen hardware keys, our software licenses (authorization codes)
are issued for finite periods of time. (They expire at intervals usually between 3 months to 12 months).
In order to be eligible for partial protection, the hardware key must be one of the following:
HASP-4 parallel key (blue in color)
USB style  (blue or black in color)

Please note that partial protection is not in effect if you are using an older parallel type key (gray or white in color).
If you have an older parallel key, we offer free replacement with a new key upon receipt of the older key-
simply contact us to arrange replacement and choose key type (USB style is now offered as standard, parallel optional)

If a hardware key meets the conditions for protection (ie. it's of the required key type and is
using renewable authorization codes) and it becomes lost or stolen, you may be able to obtain
replacement for a fraction of the original purchase cost.  If you are not sure whether your hardware
key meets the requirements for protection, feel free to contact us.  Given the serial number of the
key, we can check and let you know.

Beginning 30 days from expiration, running GENESYS will display a message  once per day that the
license needs to be renewed.  When this message is seen, contact Eagleware and
provide the hardware key serial number and software version number to request a new set of authorization codes.

You are guaranteed the following policies will not be changed on  your license:

1. There is no charge to obtain a new set of authorization codes for the latest version to which the hardware key
is entitled (based on subscription)
2. You may request a permanent license but all loss or theft protection is forfeited.  This is not recommended.