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Intermod Mixer Table Model

Question asked by mjelen on Mar 23, 2005
I´ve got a question about the intermod mixer table parameters:

"LO" seems to be the actual level present at the LO port

"Rfpwr" seems to be the RF - power at which the values in the table were measured, and

"Lopwr" the LO - Power at which the device was characterized.

To make shure I got everything right I took a look at the "Simple Mixer With IF-Amp" Example supplied with Genesys.
In the Equation - Block I found the comment:

' Characterization Conditions
' RF Frequency: 500.10 MHz at - 4 dBm
' LO Frequency: 470.01 MHz at + 7 dBm

Looking at the Model Parameters, I found

Rfpwr 0 dBm
Ifpwr 0 dBm

Is this a mistake, or did I get something wrong?

Thanks for any comments,