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I&D Filter : Impossible to Simulate

Question asked by lbarro on Mar 17, 2005
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2005 by mschif

I`m very disappointed with the SystemView!!!


My satellite system simulation requires a narrow bandwidth and consequently a I&D filter at the Earth Station.

I have tried for 1 month simulate this system, but I can't get a good result.

Even using a FIR filter (with no group delay distortion = linear phase) I got a big degration.

I think that the I&D filter isn`t the "real" I&D filter, because it doesn`t dump the signal at the end of integration windows.

In this case, the filter works properly with no limited band, whylst when we limit the band it doesn't work.

I am sending a example of a filter in attachment.

Please ...I need help!!!