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SystemView command line switches

Question asked by tthorp on Feb 3, 2005
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2005 by ffizzl
I'm using SystemView under WinXP, and I'm writing batch files to run a series of different simulation models and capture the results. (It's a regression testing scenario. The models are different and there may be a lot of them, so I can't do this with multiple loops through a single model.)

There doesn't seem to be any documentation on this either in the manuals or on the web.  I've worked out that the command line:-

> sysvu_32 [filename] /r /c

will start SystemView, load and run a model, and close SystemView again.  Are there any other command line options that I should know about?

In particular, can I

(a) force SystemView to run in the background,  and

(b) run a series of models without having to close and restart SystemView every time?  Without the /c I have to wait for each simulation to finish before issuing the command line for the next, which is awkward to do in a batch file..!  Restarting for every run isn't a showstopper but it seems a bit of a waste of processor time.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Chris Thorpe