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Copy and paste from Genesys 2004-07 to Visio

Question asked by mmoss on Jan 12, 2005
Dear Sir/Madam

I have recently upgraded to Genesys 2004-07 from 2003.

1) The upgrade was easy but I can see it runs slower than 2003 version. I can tell when I change an inductor value the graph takes longer to refresh. Is there any settings in new version that causes this?Is this a known issue?!

2) The other I tried to copy and paste a layout PCB, as I normally do from Genesys into Excel/Word. I copy a layout and then pasted to Visio to ungroup the object and remove the black backgrund and then copy and pasted again to Excel. With new version the object is nothing like what it is in layout. It looks like the object resolution dropped and all circles and text look horrible. Circle is not even a hexagon! Is this a  known issue? See .jpg file attached

3)The (phpbb formatted) forum is slow. I simply get frustrated looking at any pages. This happened not just today. We have an ADSL line and don't have problems with other web pages. Is there any way I can download the forum questions and answers so I can do a quick search on my computer? Is there a just a text based web page rather than php pages?

Thank you in advance
Mehran Moss