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mfilter : more realistic optimization goals

Question asked by mlabro on Dec 27, 2004
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2007 by mlabro
Creating automatically optimization goals from mfilter settings is a good idea and could spare a lot of time.

However the goals are not very realistic according to input settings.

For instance a 0.1dB ripple N=3 2100-2300MHz chebyshev bandpass filter can't not achieve 30db attenuation at 2025 and 2375 MHz and 30dB RL in its 0.1dB passband (and a fortiori in its 3dB bandwidth).

So, initial error is very high at start and because otpimization of combline... takes a while we never know when to stop.

Of course we could change opt goals manually but we sometimes don't know the exact values chebyshev could reach (we need to run filter to know that). Moreover it looses the advantage of automatic goals.

Isn't it possible to set opt goals more realistic according to input settings ? You have all equations in filter and mfilter to set them accurately.