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How do I correctly install Genesys 7.52 on my computer?

Question asked by splatt on May 17, 2004
Latest reply on May 19, 2004 by splatt
The latest in the 7.X series GENESYS software was version 7.52
(There is a difference between 7.5 and 7.52.  If you have a CD that
says 7.5 on it, that is not the latest 7.52)

If your software is installed and running, you can check what
version it is by main menu HELP, ABOUT...

If you have less than 7.52, you should obtain the free download
for version 7.52 installation.  The following steps provide
detailed instruction for how to do this:

1) To clean out your existing computer:

1a) It is good to be vigilant about saved models and library files so that
you do not lose them.  It is also good practice to maintain knowledge
of what was created, and where it was stored, and to have backup
copies in case of hard drive crash, etc.  The main places of interest
for you will probably be:

User models you may have made are stored at
c:\\program files\\GENESYS\\MODEL

Custom footprint files you may have made are stored at
c:\\program files\\GENESYS\\LIB

The S-parameter data files supplied with GENESYS are stored in
c:\\program files\\GENESYS\\SDATA
If you stored any of your own S-parameter files in that directory,
you may want to find them and save for backup.  As a caution, you
could backup the entire SDATA directory but that holds several Megabytes.
Best practice is to store data files in a different directory of your choosing,
then you can back up only the new files you created.

Lastly, you'll need to locate where did you store your workspace files.
Most often, these are not stored under the c:\\program files\\GENESYS
directory, so it's usually not a concern.  In the clean-out process to follow,
the only directory that will be affected is what's under c:\\program files\\GENESYS.

Once you have gone through the verification and backup process for
items in the Model, LIB and possibly SDATA folders,  (note that you do
not need to back up EVERYTHING in the Model, Lib and SDATA folders!
You only need to back up custom models you have made, or custom
libraries you have made, or added S-parameter files you may have placed
in the SDATA folder.  Any files you have stored outside the folder
c:\\program files\\Genesys will not be affected.)
proceed with the following....

1b)  Make sure your computer operating system is up to date.
(Use the Windows HELP function to check for updates).

1c) Use the windows uninstall utility to uninstall the GENESYS 7.X
on your computer.  In modern windows systems, this is done by
then choose GENESYS and remove.

1d) The windows uninstall utility typically cannot delete the highest level
program folder (in this case, GENESYS).  So browse on your C: drive
to c:\\program files\\GENESYS and manually delete the GENESYS folder.
(send it to the recycle bin).  NOTE:  Perform step 1d only AFTER doing step 1c.

1e) Your computer is now ready for reinstallation.

2) To register at the Eagleware website and obtain the download for 7.52 installation:

2a) Visit and click on the link for MY ACCOUNT.

2b) Important !  When you register, you must use the same email address
that's on file for you in the Eagleware database, or the download area won't let you in.
(The web registrations and Eagleware database records are kept seperate for security)
(If you're not sure which email address we have on file for you, please
write to verify.)

Above the entry boxes, there is a light blue link that you can click to register.
Click that link and follow the registration process to choose a username and password.
Note that the registration process involves having Eagleware send you an automated email,
and you must click on a link contained in that email in order to finish the registration.

2c) Once registered, visit again and click on MY ACCOUNT,
then log in with your username and password to verify that you can log in successfully.

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