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5 ports or 6 ports for opamp libs ?

Question asked by mlabro on Apr 7, 2004
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2004 by ROB_LEFEBVRE
Let's suppose a filter computed with active filter.
I intend to replace a opa with a real opamp lib file.
Opamps Lib files refer to 5 nodes : +input,-input,+Vcc,-Vcc,Vo

Do I need to use a 5 ports with the ground port used as other pins because it is not in fact a ground or do I need to use a 6 ports with 5 ports for opamp and connect ground port to ground ? If I use 6 ports and LT1013.lib or LF356.lib or LT1007.lib, I have "too many pins" error.

ps : In both cases I have convergence problems (as explained several times).