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Question re 82357 behaviour

Question asked by qdl on Dec 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2009 by jborges3
We are developing an application that continuously (about 50 traces per sec) reads trace data from an 8546A EMI Receiver.  We use an 82357B USB-to-GPIB adapter and the Agilent I/O Libraries v14.2, under a VB.NET application.  While this is happening, the Activity LED on the 82357 is flickering.  If our app stops talking, the Activity LED stays solidly ON.

However, occasionally during data acquisition, the application "pauses" for reasons we cannot determine.  During this pause, the Activity LED on the 82357 is OFF (Ready LED remains ON).  There is no description in the manuals of this combination of LEDs, so the question is - what does it actually mean when the Activity LED goes OFF?  Does it reflect one of the GPIB control lines?