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89600 VSA running on the an external PC can't connect to MXA

Question asked by jelovcan on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 19, 2010 by mukta2008

we would like to use MXA HW with the remote 89600 VSA (running on the external PC). The SA on MXA is started, MXA hardware (Agilent X-Series Signal Analayzer) is found on remote computer's IO libraries. When  MXA HW is selected an error window is opened: "Cannot configure the hardware. Server encountered internal error. For more information, turn on customErrors in the server's .config file.

Is there any special configuration or procedure in IO libraries, VSA or MXA to allow connection?
How to enable customErrors? Where is .config file located?

Any info is welcome. Thank you.