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Will an E4406A VSA work with LMR digital radios?

Question asked by LMRguru on Jul 9, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2011 by holtappl
My shop works almost exclusively with VHF and UHF conventional and digital two way radio systems.  Digital is of course becoming more
and more common with each passing day.

We have a need to analyze digital transmitter performance on a regular basis and I don't see this need getting smaller in the future.

We know that we've encountered several digital transmitters that are not modulating correctly and this is resulting in reduced coverage range
and generally unsatisfactory performance.   

Some manufacturers are frankly doing a very poor job of documenting service, measurement, and adjustment procedures for their digital
radio equipment.   It's really very aggravating when you end up asking tech support for help and end up telling THEM how their equipment actually works. 

My primary need at the moment is to have an efficient way to visualize the digital modulation parameters of NXDN format digital mobile
radios.  This is a narrowband QPSK formatted signal with 6.25 KHz channel spacing.

I need to know if the Agilent E4406A VSA can be used for this application.    Essentially the only thing I ask of the unit is to visualize
the modulated NXDN signal as a constellation diagram.      If it'll also handle the P25 digital radio format as well, that is a bonus, but it's
not absolutely essential.

The prices of the E4406A are now very reasonable.  My shop can easily afford to buy a used one now.   But it has to be able to do the job
or it's not a bargain at any price.

If you have any information for me that will help me to determine if the E4406A will satisfy my requirements,  please let me know.