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Agilent device to measure BER using TWTA amplification

Question asked by johnnyk on Jul 7, 2011
Hello Oscar,
You don’t mention the type of signal or the type of DUT so it is hard to provide a complete solution but here are some thoughts.

There is an option on the E4438C vector signal generator, option UN7, which provides BER analysis.  The two issues here would be that the E4438C provides frequencies only up to 6 GHz and the UN7 option requires the DUT to do the demodulation. 

Agilent’s Signal Studio applications provide BER support for signal generation purposes.  Information on these applications can be found at   Many of these applications work with the E8267D PSG which will provide the 1 GHz to 20 GHz range that you require.

There are also application notes on BER testing on the website.  I did a search on BER and found the following information that might be helpful.

BER and Subjective Evaluation for DVB-T/H Receiver Test Application Note
W-CDMA BER Test on picoChip Femtocell Reference Design Using Agilent MXG
Lowering Cost and Improving Interoperability by Predicting Residual BER (AN 1397-1)
A BFSK Transmitter/Receiver System- Block Diagram, RF Design, Single-Pass BER

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