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89600 VSA QPSK Measurament Filter ...

Question asked by kappasm on Jun 13, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2008 by umali

I have simple question about "Measurament Filter" on VSA 89600 7.20.

I have made a QPSK modulator, but I have some problem on EVM measuramet. I applied a filter Square root to signal QPSK with 32 taps and roll-off 0.35 using the "Kaiser" window of approximation.

Setup "OFF" Receiver Filter and "Root Square" Measure Filter, comparing the signal "generated" by me and the signal generated by theoretical VSA, there are differences (on filtered signal real and simulate).

Someone knows the number of taps and the approximation window of that the VSA uses to "create" his signal to compare it to my to calcolate the EVM ?