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Uncertainty of data shown by 89600 software

Question asked by hudla on May 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2010 by tabbott
Let's suppose I have a 89600 software with opt. 300 (hardware connectivity) and opt. AYA (vector modulation analysis). I put a vector modulated signal to a PSA spectrum analyzer and then I connect PSA via LAN to a computer and I can see parameters of the demodulated signal on a computer screen instead of a PSA display.

What is the uncertainty of error parameters (like EVM) shown at the computer screen? I read in PSA specifications, that for, e.g., QPSK modulation, symbol rate < 1 MHz and alpha > 0.3 the specified EVM error is 0.9% rms. Does it mean that the EVM calculated by 89600 (by slightly different method) has maximal error of 0.9% too? Are the uncertainties of values calculated by 89600 somehow related to uncertainties of the sampling device (in my case PSA, but generally it can be MXA, EXA, Infiinium, ...), i.e., has the 89600 software somehow implemented the A/D converter and other hardware-related errors to evaluate EVM and other parameters accurately?

Thanks, Martin