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ESA 4403B Web Remote Control SA - installation problem

Question asked by jkmieciak on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2011 by tabbott
We have just purchased the Agilent Web Remote Control SA software.
The PC is connected to the SA via LAN with Ethernet/GPIB converter. When using the Agilent Connection Expert I can easily communicate with the SA, however this was enabled after the option to append each command with LF (\n) character has been choosen.

During the installation of the Web application the "Configure" option is displayed  - when set to the correct IP address/socket the software sends the *IDN? command but then the configuration fails. Our observation is that when using Agilent Connection Expert we - the *IDN? command within the packet is appended with with 0x0a character (LF or \n), however during the Configure screen of the Agilent Web Remote Control SA software installation, the *IDN? command is not appended with 0x0a character (we check that with a network sniffer within packets outgoing of the PC port) - as a consequence the Spectrum Analyzer doesn't respond ).

How we can force addind the 0x0a by the software installer. Is there a config file or a software tool similar to that present in Agilent Connection Expert, that allows to achieve that ?
Any other solutions ?