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Simultaneous capturing pn data-values and spurs

Question asked by agaurav on Feb 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by agaurav
I am having some trouble sending GPIB commands successfully to E502B. (I could successfully reset it but when I try to grab data etc., I am having some trouble. Need to learn a bit more before I can ask specific questions here)
Meanwhile I am trying to dump out phase noise and spurs using the GUI.
I am using segment phase noise as well as phase noise but I have the same trouble in both. How to capture spurs and phase noise data value at the same time instant.
Since I am using GUI, there is a significant lag in time in capturing phase noise using 'save-save data trace' and then pressing 'Trace-spurs-spurious list' . As a result, during post-processing of results, I see that I get peaks in phase noise where there is no data in spurious list and I get spur in spurious list where there is no peak in phase noise. I agree that this issue only arises when you have got moving spurs, but if your DUT is as it is, how to resolve this problem, can anybody help me.
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FYI, I am using averge number of 16 and correlation number 32