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Synch with the ":MMEM:STOR:SCR" command

Question asked by lcorrigan on Sep 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2008 by lcorrigan
I've created a VISA C# message-based session application that retrieves screen captures and trace data from an E4405B SpecA.
I'm having trouble synchronizing the completion of the ":MMEM:STOR:SCR " command which saves the current screen capture as a .gif file. and since timing related, difficult  to troubleshoot and very intermittent. On average, seems to be successful only 80% of the time. 
I looked at another post that showed sending the *OPC? right after you send the command. ie:
csa.WriteString(":MMEM:STOR:SCR 'E:brent.png'", true);
csa.WriteString("*OPC?", true);
s = csa.ReadString();

So I set mine up the same after finding *WAI was not helping, but I seem to be getting an intermittent read timeout from the "ReadString" after the *OPC?. 
To add to my frustration/confusion, the programming manual states this:
"*OPC and *OPC? are currently effective only when immediately preceded by either
the :INITiate:IMMediate" or a :CALibration command.

If *OPC? and *OPC have no effect on the command i'm interested in, and *WAI is no help, what other options do I have?
SRQ? I was hoping to avoid that....