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Automation using VSA Software on 89611 VSA with E4443A PSA

Question asked by sushio on Jun 14, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2007 by Dr_joel
Hi all,

What we have now is the 89611 VSA+E443A PSA with software ver 7.1.
I have been able to use the examples in help file in Macro function to
make the VSA sweep and save data automatically.

Sub Main
     Dim filename,index
     index = 1
     filename = “C:\Temp\test” + Cstr(index) + “.mat”
     Display.Traces.ActiveTrace.SaveFile filename, “mat”, True
     Filename = “C:\Temp\test” + Cstr(index) + “.mat”
     Index = index + 1
Loop Until index > 101
End Sub


This will do the sweep and save the trace of data into a matlab file format.

However, my question is can I select a certain points from the trace
and then only save those points into the file to save a huge storage

I have done it with other spectrum analyzer using GPIB. Basically,
after each sweep, search for the maximum using marker, and then
store the value at the marker. However, I haven't seen any related
example in VSA doing that. Does anyone know if this is possible in
VSA or not? 

Any suggestions will be much appreciated! Thank you all.