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PSG8257D and 8566 SA internal resistance

Question asked by kamwahli on Aug 9, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2007 by dgun

      I have one test which needs the sweep voltage (ramp mode) from 8566 0-10V to provide to the bias pin of the DUT (voltage supply must synchronize with the SA sweep-1001 points). When the voltage conduct to the bias pin of the DUT, the voltage sweeps drop until 0-5.8V. But when i using E4440 and and PSG8257D (Ext Src control measurement option 215) to provide sweep voltage (ramp mode) 0-10V to the bias pin of the DUT, the voltage drop until 0-8V only. So i may know is the internal resistance of the PSG8257D and 8566 difference that causing this happend? if not, do have any other reason that causing this happend?