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Limitations of using "connect g"

Question asked by stevae on Sep 9, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2009 by yenuplaotis

I have a question about, the utilization of multiplexing relay, for example, i want to test contact relay with external V/I meter through ASRU ext1/ext2 or with source s and detector i.
But, i must control the relay, i want to put a PSU on a pin of coil and connect to ground via connect g the second pin of coil.

The question is limitation V and I for this multiplexing:
    connect g to pins "7"
    connect g to ground

subtest "Contact_Travail2"
disconnect all

   connect i to pins  1
   connect l to ground
   connect s to pins  6

   connect g to pins "7" ! the second pin coil
   connect g to ground  !

   detector dcv, expect 5
   measure 5.2, 4.8

end subtest

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