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windows 3070 user right control problem

Question asked by myrich2005 on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2009 by calvin
i want control the user right on 3070 ,one group can only use the program ,can not modify all program .one group can modify all the program .when i setting the right in folder  property  security tab (read&execute ,list folder,read ) .the BT-Basic can not run ,it can get testplan ,but it can not run ,when i setting the full right on this folder,it can not control the right .in unix ,it can control right by "chmod ,chgrp "command easyly .anyone have good idea on it ?
    i aslo try to control right by SFU (win2003 srandard server,AD for SFU nis) ,install client ,nis sychroncs( we have unix and PC tester together ) ,but it only can work on server .the PC client can not share the server net resource .