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Using 40-pin logic analyzer probes with an MSO

Question asked by jtmccabe Employee on Aug 7, 2007
You can use any standard 40-pin logic analyzer probe with a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope if you have the proper cable.  For example, if you want to probe a Mictor connector, you can use the E5346A 40-pin Mictor probe in conjunction with one of the 40-pin cables mentioned below. 

You can order these cables from Agilent Parts at 877-447-7278. 

For Agilent 6000-series and 54620/40-series MSOs:

The cable that you will need is not included with these MSOs.  It is the 01650-61607 shielded 40-pin (F) to 40-pin (F) probe cable. This gives the MSO the standard 40-pin female input connector that many Agilent logic analyzers have. With this cable, a user can connect a wide variety of logic analyzer probes such as Mictor, Samtec, and Soft Touch probes. See the Probing Solutions Guide for information on these probes.

Note that you can also use a standard IDE hard drive cable (unshielded) for lower-speed applications that do not demand high signal integrity.  These are inexpensive and readily available at your local computer/electronics retailer. 

For Agilent 8000-series and 54830-series MSOs:

The required cable is included with the scope.  It has a proprietary connector on the end that plugs into the scope, and the standard 40-pin connector on the other end.  If you need to replace this cable, it is Agilent part number 54826-61605 ($377 as of today).