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Using am HP54503A for guitar amplifier testing

Question asked by rs11gps on Feb 4, 2010
I am the proud owner of a "new" (to me) 54503A oscilloscope. I am also seriously into guitar amplifier construction, repair & modding.

The oscilloscope is in superb condition, calibrated, and all channels working. It was owned by a retired  E & E tech. It inluded all of the guides, ops & service manuals, and two probes.
I have a good signal generator, and have walked through the HP Front Panel manual... experimenting a bit with different settings and signals.

The learning curve may be high, but I want to use the scope to trace the input (guitar coil) signal as it passes through the different stages of the amplifier.
My hope is to reduce the trial & error in finding where I am getting unwanted distortion, find bad caps, etc.

Any GOOD useage tutorials out there for a digital oscilloscope... preferably the 54503A itself?

Thanks guys... any help for this old rock & roller would be appreciated.  - Roger