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How to create a HW Runt trigger in 8000A/80000B and 6000 sco

Question asked by Brig Asay Employee on Jul 24, 2007
There is a way to create a real ‘runt’ trigger in 8000/80000/6000 scopes for the ‘half height” pulses of ~15 ns and longer.

The only inconvenience is that you should connect two probes to the suspected signal line.

In my attached example setup file for MSO8104A - I connected Ch. 1 and Ch. 4 to the same line in the demo board.

Set the scope to Advanced Trigger mode –“Pattern/State” and set Ch1 =0 and Ch4=1 (see picture in the attached runt-trigger. jpg file).

Now, you can (by using the mouse) slightly change up and down the level of Trigger levels of Ch1 and/or Ch4 to catch different runt anomalies in his signal.

The same solution is possible for 6000 series, but it is less comfortable, as there is no way to change trigger levels by mouse of both channels.