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Accessing RawDataDemodInfo()

Question asked by LittleRocket on Feb 13, 2012
I have an Excel macro/Visual basic subroutine to log the EVM values, with the following lines:
     EVM = oDisp.Traces(4).RawDataDemodInfo(0)
     MagErr = oDisp.Traces(4).RawDataDemodInfo(1)
     PhaseErr = oDisp.Traces(4).RawDataDemodInfo(2)
     GainImb = oDisp.Traces(4).RawDataDemodInfo(5)
(In my 2x2 grid display, Traces(4) is the lower right quadrant that displays Offset EVM, EVM, Magnitude Error, Phase Error, IQ imbalance...

I'm trying to create a new program for the .NET interface, to do the same EVM logging job.
Basically, I need help looking for the equivalent of Traces().RawDataDemodInfo() in the .NET class reference. Thanks.