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Interface issues with my VSA 89600

Question asked by justeric on Oct 24, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2007 by WadeW
Currently our suite is configured with a Agilent 4400 , E4438C, and the 89600. Our software is downloaded on an iktronix laptop.

Once the VSA program is running, im having issues looking at the desired freq. I want. When I go to the Freq. option it states we can only see from 0-36mhz, or 36 mhz -88mhz.  In the past Ive been able to see as simple as the rado spectrum 90mhz- 110mhz.

Now, it wont allow me to do so. Its interfaced with the 4400 which would lead me to believe that it SHOULD be (as it has in the past) but now its not. Im sure theres a step im missing, but i would GREATLY APPRECIATE any help in troubleshooting this matter as it has been nearly impossible to get past. 
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