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89601A DCOM Error on MXA

Question asked by Doug on Sep 7, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2007 by PhilipChang

I'm running Agilent's 89601A software on an MXA spectrum analyzer, and accessing the 89601 functions using DCOM through National Instruments Labview.  Almost everything works - I'm able to see all the objects, I'm able to use some of them.  When I try to use the Measurement object however, I get the following error:

Error 3008 occurred at Automation Interface for the specified class cannot be obtained.  Check if the automation refnum type is the correct class for this operation in Untitled
This error code is undefined. No one has provided a description for this code, or you might have wired a number that is not an error code to the error code input.

This error occurs if I use DCOM from my laptop to access the MXA remotely.  It also happens if I build a test application and install it on the MXA itself.  When running on the MXA, i get the same error if I supply Automation Open with the computer name or leave it blank.  Oh, and by the way - the same code works FINE in Agilent Vee!!!

I've been poking at this for a couple of days now.  Agilent hasn't come up with a solution. NI Helpdesk was pretty lost - not surprising since they don't have Agilent's hardware/software in front of them.  I'm pretty much at a loss myself.  Anybody have ideas????

Thanks in advance,