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Can I Remotely Obtain Data using SCPI

Question asked by hiddenfire88 on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2009 by odanzy
I've got an N9060A and am interested in controlling it from an external Java application, for the purpose of obtaining measurements and saving them to a data archive.  I know how to open a Telnet connection to the SA, and how to use SCPI to obtain measurements that reside on the SA.  I do not see though how to get data over to my calling machine through SCPI, and don't see any way to ftp data from the Spectrum Analyzer over to my calling machine.

Will I be able to get data back using SCPI, without having to invest time and money into using Vee?  How can I, for example, take a snapshot and obtain some file containg relevant x,y pair values in it onto the hard drive of my calling machine?