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jitter. Integrate the phase noise or SSA pn trace itegration

Question asked by agaurav on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by agaurav
I find a big difference in jitter calculation from phase noise data and the jitter which SSA returns when I use phase noise trace integration.
The phase noise data I grab is with Average of 4 datas with correlation=4. But, the phase noise trace integration, I observed, seems measurement based on every single plot. So, does it mean my jitter calculation is more accurate? I am getting a huge difference in the values and hence this question. When I cacluate in matlab, from the phase noise plot, I get jitter = X ps and the phase noise trace integration of SSA gives 1.4X ps as jitter value in the same band. I also have SSA-J jitter application which returns similar value as SSA phase noise trace integration.
Which is most accurate way of measurement?