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E5052B - when is my trace ready for transfer?

Question asked by rajsodhi Employee on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by rajsodhi
Hello everyone,

I have an E5052B "Signal Source Analyzer".  I'm trying to automate the data collection via SCPI commands using Matlab.  The commands that I have figured out so far are as follows.

fprintf(ins.clove,':SENSe:BB1:AVERage:CLEar')  % averaging restart
fprintf(ins.clove,':SENSe:BB1:AVERage:COUNt 4')  % averaging factor
fprintf(ins.clove,':SENSe:BB1:CORRelation:COUNt 10') ; % correlation factor
fprintf(ins.clove,':SENSe:BB1:FREQuency:STARt 10') ; % start freq
fprintf(ins.clove,':SENSe:BB1:IFGain 50') ; % IF Gain

fprintf(ins.clove,':INITiate:BB1:CONTinuous 1') ; % go!
fprintf(ins.clove,'SCPI.INITiate.bb1.IMMediate') ; % go!

Given all this, I would like to be sure to wait until all four averages have been taken into consideration before sucking down the data using the following commands.

data = query(ins.clove, 'calc:bb1:data:xdat?') % get freq vector
data = query(ins.clove, 'calc:bb1:trac1:data:fdat?') % get formatted data

Any ideas about how to remotely check to see if my trace is ready?  '*OPC?' doesn't work. 

When I do this measurement manually, on the screen, I see progress as 0/4 ... 1/4 ... 2/4 ... 3/4 ... and finally 4/4, and then I hit trigger/hold and save the data trace to a local directory.  I'd like my program to know when 4/4 averages have completed.