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N9069A Loss Compensation Command

Question asked by andyTPE on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by tabbott
Hello Noise Figure Users,

I am automating an N9030 PXA with noise figure option N9069A and right now I am coding without having access to the box.

I want to be able to write some code to manage my loss compensations and have seen from the manual:

Example :NFIG:CORR:LOSS:BEF:TABL:DATA 1000, –10 2000,–8 3000, –6 10000, 5

Two questions:
1) Is the loss entered as a negative value.  Example, if I have 3 dB of loss, then should this be entered as -3 or +3.  The help is not explicit in this regard (the example shows -ve numbers which I would assume are losses, but I want to be sure)

2) Is there a comma missing in the example between  -10 and 2000

As an aside, your component test division did a great job with the programming docs for their PNA series of VNAs, in which the programming syntax was ordered by SCPI branch.  This made it really easy to find the specific commands (you generally need to set at least two or more commands from the same syntactical area).  Having that available through the help made automation extremely productive.